A Job Club for people with and without Disabilities meets at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library April - July, 2013.  Please feel free to contribute: http://districtcommons.org/jobclub


Accessibility Issues:

Please list accessibility issues with the District Commons website:

1. NVDA is not announcing links

2. On the "All Pages" page, links were not activated by space or enter

3. NVDA is not announcing the phrase "Please comment about this change" in the editable text field below this window, for example.

4. NVDA sometimes got stuck in this editible text field saying "Accessibility Issues" at each line, every time down arrow was pressed.

5, Once you are in the editable text field Tab and Shift Tab do not work

6. (On an edit page) after "rich text editor application region start" a help tip for screen reader users could say "hit tab to skip to editable text field"

7. JAWS gets trapped in the editable text field and will not go to the bottom of the page.


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