UCE-EQUAL is an online television station offers mostly independent and community based programming. 

We offer variety

One thing that makes this site unique is that we offers diverse programming on a single website. Unlike website that only offer news, movies, or documentaries, we offer all of them in one place. This allows for viewers to have a one stop shop to watch anything they might be interested in. 

We keep our content Diverse 


We offer programming that is of high quality with shows and documentaries that highlight a variety of groups that remain absent in mainstream television. There is an increased emphasis on promoting programming that is directed, produced, written by, and starring those who identify as women, queer, people of color, indigenous, and other historically disenfranchised communities. Subjects ranging from the day to day lives of people, to comedies, to documentaries on activists are covered on various stations. This allows for the depth and variety of society to be expressed on a single website. 

We look to the Community 
Being a living and ever changing website helps UCE-EQUAL to stay relevant despite changes in what viewers want to see. Anyone can send in videos and have them posted. Also input on how to improve content and the structure of the website is strongly encouraged. We even promote local and independent shows highlighting the talents and life of different people.

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