(From Kara Davis)

Hi everyone,
Allison encouraged me to send out a quick update to the list on this topic, in case others missed the meeting. I won't go into it deeply here, except to say that the main highlights I took from the meeting were:

  • DPW had not written the RFP for the study yet and was open to exploring other waste-to-energy options, although they did intend to explore incineration as well.
  • Most participants were opposed to the idea of bringing an incinerator to DC, and that came through loud and clear.
  • Some discussed the pros and cons of alternative Waste-to-Energy technologies like anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis.
  • Other participants, including panelists Larry Martin and Neil Seldman, encouraged DPW to develop a comprehensive strategy for achieving zero-waste (in line with Sustainable DC goals) before considering a waste-to-energy study.

Chris Weiss posted videos of the speakers and discussion period, so if you wanted to attend but couldn't, you can hear it all again! Here's his recap with links to all of the videos:

And my own rundown is here:

Hope that gives everyone a sense of where everything stands for now and where the discussion is headed ...


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