In July 2011, Mayor Gray launched the Sustainable DC initiative, a 20 year plan led by the Office of Planning (OP) and the District Department of the Environment (DDOE), with the goal to make DC the greenest, healthiest, most socially equitable, economically competitive, and most livable city in the nation. 

In November 2011, nine public working groups examined best practices, existing conditions, and public comments in order to develop key recommendations for the District’s first sustainability plan. Over 700 people participated in the working groups throughout the winter of 2011 and 2012 by prioritizing innovative city goals and creating ambitious visions of what the District needs to do over the next 20 years to be sustainable.

In April 2012, the hard work of the working groups, with input from agency leaders and industry professionals, culminated in A Vision for a Sustainable DC, which accomplishes two things: 1.) sets the vision for the city as a whole and 2.) provides the framework for a detailed strategy to achieve the vision, which will be developed over the summer and released in the fall of 2012.

  • Built Environment: Building and infrastructure relationships to transportation, energy, and water
  • Climate: Gas emissions reductions and adaptation to a changing climate
  • Energy: Energy use, generation, efficiency, providers, and financing issues
  • Food: Local food production, distribution, access, security, and community benefits
  • Nature: Natural systems, parks, habitat, biodiversity, and wildlife
  • Transportation: Transportation systems, infrastructure, modes, efficiencies, access, and delivery
  • Waste: Waste recycling, reuse, hauling and collection, composting, and waste to energy
  • Water: Watershed protection, stormwater management, water quality and reuse, and sewers
  • Green Economy: Job creation, economic development, and local business development

Cross cutting issues transcend each of the plan’s nine topics. Each working group consistently mentioned the need to provide particular focus on community health and education, social equity between all Wards and economic opportunity to create green and sustainable jobs. Following the release of the Vision, these cross-cutting issueswill be discussed during the next wave of public outreach beginning in May 2012.

These pages can provide a space for tracking progress, concerns, and other issues.

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