Single Member District 1C04 is a single-member constituency within the District of Columbia that returns a single elected Commissioner to the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C.

Single Member District 1C04 has a Yahoo Groups SMD1C04 listserv, founded in November 2002, that is used to exchange information related to this SMD.

Current Boundaries

SMD1C04 Boundaries (2013)

The current boundaries of ANC104 include the following addresses:

  • 18th St. (even) 2802-2898
  • Adams Mill Rd. (all) 1825-1899 
  • Adams Mill Rd. (all) 2600-2998 
  • Calvert St. (odd) 1770-2199 
  • Clydesdale Pl. (all) 1800-1899 
  • Columbia Rd. (odd) 1737-1799
  • Harvard St. (even) 1900-1998 
  • Lanier Pl. (all) 1730-1799 
  • Ontario Pl. (all) 1800-1899 
  • Ontario Rd. (even) 2700-2828 
  • Ontario Rd. (all) 2811-3099 
  • Summit Pl. (even) 1800-1890


Name                             Period in Office                
Gabriela Mossi ? - Current
? ?

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