Single Member District 1C01 is a single-member constituency within the District of Columbia that returns a single elected Commissioner to the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C.

Current Boundaries

SMD1C01 Boundaries (2013)

The current boundaries of ANC101 include the following addresses:

  • 18th St. (even) 1938-2298
  • 19th St. (all) 1910-2198 
  • California St. (all) 1800-1899 
  • Columbia Rd. (even) 1882-2098
  • Connecticut Ave. (odd) 1815-1899 
  • Florida Ave. (odd) 1801-2019 
  • Kalorama Rd. (even) 1800-1880
  • T St. (all) 2000-2099 
  • Vernon St. (all) 1800-1899 
  • Wyoming Ave. (all) 1800-1906


Name                   Period in Office                
Brian Hart 2013 - Current
Stacey Moye 2010-2012

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