The Official Logo for the Housing For All Campaign



We believe all District residents deserve decent quality affordable housing at a price they can afford, and call on District officials to invest in a full Continuum of Housing. 

Our goal:

Our campaign goal is win housing policy in the District that meets the needs of all District residents.  To truly address the housing needs, DC needs to commit three times more in affordable housing than it currently does.

We call on the Mayor and City Council to fully fund the Continuum of Housing and provide Housing for All by investing $255 million dollars to address our city’s affordable housing needs.

What is the Continuum of Housing?

We use the phrase“continuum of housing” to refer to housing that meets people’s affordable housing needs, wherever they are in their life. The continuum of housing includes: emergency shelter for the homeless, supportive housing for people with special needs, rental housing that fills the gap between what people can afford to pay and the high cost of rent, and helping families buy their first home or tenants to buy their apartment building.

Housing for All and You:

This campaign is only possible with your support. We can change the city’s commitment to affordable housing by showing our city leaders how much DC cares about affordable housing. We will stand together – as homeowners and renters, business owners and clergy, workers and students, those who have stable housing and those who don’t – as neighbors who demand affordable housing for all.


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