Envision Adams Morgan is an initiative of thePublic Services & Environment Committee of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C to more directly involve the residents of Adams Morgan in creating a plan for the future growth of this Washington DC neighborhood. This initiative began in November 2012. It is currently scheduled to continue its work through 2013, soliciting community input and greater participation, issuing interim reports and incorporating feedback. The project is scheduled to produce a final plan for the future growth of the neighborhood in March 2014. 


Involvement in Envision Adams Morgan is voluntary and open to the public. Requests for public participation are made through the monthly meetings of ANC1C, the Adams Morgan Listserv, and the various neighborhood and business community organizations.

Volunteers report to the Public Services & Environment Committee, composed of Commissioners Marty Davis (Chair, and representing Single Member District 1C02), Wilson Reynolds (Single Member District 1C07) and Gabriela Mossi (Single Member District 1C04). The public can participate both online through the project's website, Facebook group and public document depository, and offline through the monthly public meetings of the Public Services & Environment Committee. This committee meets at 7 PM on the 4th Wednesday of every month at the Kalorama Recreation Center at 1875 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC. The ANC1C website provides a calendar that can be used to confirm that the committee is indeed meeting. These meetings constitute the plenary sessions of Envision Adams Morgan, and to date the majority of the committee meeting is spent hosting this initiative. 

In November 2012, members of the public were invited to volunteer to participate in one or more of the following 12 working groups (1) Land Use, (2) Transportation, (3) Housing, (4) Economic Development, (5) Education, (6) Environmental, (7) Historic Preservation, (8) Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, (9) Community Services & Facilities, (10) Infrastructure, (11) Arts & Culture, and (12) Web & Technology. Based on the number of volunteers, these working groups were rationalized into the following 7 working groups in January 2013 (web and technology was treated as a support service):

  1. Land Use and Zoning (coordinated by Denis James, President of the Kalorama Citizens Association)
  2. Transportation and Transit (coordinated by Anthony Harvey and Eric Clifton)
  3. Housing (coordinated by Chris Wells and Christine Brooks)
  4. Economic Development (coordinated by Patrick Landers and Jim Nixon)
  5. Urban Design and Historic Preservation (coordinated by Denis James, President of the Kalorama Citizens Association)
  6. Environmental Protection and Sustainability (coordinated by Kara Davis and Virginia Johnson)
  7. Community Services and Facilities (coordinated by  Commissioner Marty Davis and Christine Brooks)

Each working group has at least one coordinator. The role of the coordinator is merely to initiate, coordinate, and facilitate the work of the working group. Each working group has full autonomy to decide how to address its work. Members of the public can, at any point, join whichever working group they wish by contacting the Chair of the Public Services & Environment Committee, Commissioner Marty Davis. 

Working Group Volunteers per Working Group (February 2013)
Land Use and Zoning 7
Transportation and Transit 6
Housing 7
Economic Development  7
Urban Design and Historic Preservation 10
Environmental Protection and Sustainability 5
Community Services and Facilities 8

Many volunteers are in more than one working group. As of February 2013, the total number of volunteers in the Envision Adams Morgan initiative is 34.


This participatory planning process is currently scheduled to take 18 months, from November 2012 to April 2014. 

  • Phase 1 involves creating a portrait of the current state of the neighborhood. (November 2012 - March 31st, 2013)
    • The School of Architecture and Planning at the Catholic University of America, led by Director and Associate Professor Dr. Hazel Edwards offered to provide technical assistance as needed to this initiative. Between November 2012 and February 2013, undergraduate and graduate students of the school conducted a review of the neighborhood. An initial draft of this review was presented to Envision Adams Morgan at the Public Services & Environment Committee meeting on January 30th, 2013.
    • Each of the 7 working groups described above was charged with gathering statistics and reference materials and writing a report that describes the current status of their respective focus areas. Each working group has been asked to upload source materials and data used in their reports to the project's online public document depository. These 7 reports will be combined into a single report which will then become the basis for subsequent stages. The deadline for this report is March 31st, 2013.
    • Each working group coordinator was invited to contact the members of their working group by email and propose a process whereby the working group will work together to produce the Phase 1 report by March 31st. A specific period of time is set in which the group must reach a consensus as to the best process to adopt. Once that process has been agreed and adopted the working group begins to work. For example, in the Economic Development Working Group the period in which to finalize a process was set at 1 week. The process adopted thereafter was to divide the working group into two teams, the first to focus on describing the business mix within the neighborhood, and the second to focus on describing the economic status of residents in the neighborhood. Members of the working group participated on the team that was most relevant to their experience.  All of the working groups were invited to work in a single shared online document (using Google Docs) so that as each working group added its contribution it could inform the work of every other working group, e.g.  relevant resources and information found.

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