Notes for coding the District Commons


LocalWiki Dev Page:

LocalWiki API Key

--> Email for keys to the server.



  • Try out a nice front page design (Juan? Victor?) For example check out how nice this is: Santa Cruz Wiki (currently the largest community yet with over 5400 pages, 4300 photos, and 2700 maps).
  • Make the “create an account” page accessible to screen reader users.  This page has tips:

  • Replace Zilliow Neighborhood layer (too broad/incorrect) with better layer - (DC Gov KML file)
    •  ^this might require further tweaking KML importer, to handle different coordinate systems 
  • Write a tool that takes a CSV (json,xml,etc) document and automagically creates stem pages for each record in batch 
  • Set up a Facebook or Google Plus group and have District Commons get-togethers like these guys
  • Pick a cool simple discrete but instantly recognizable logo. See Oakland, Denton or Santa Cruz. And then set up Cafe Press for some t-shirts that we can buy and wear to help get the word out: )


DC Python Meetup - 'riding the snake' - 1.26.13

Neighborhood MAPPING Project

LocalWiki KML Importer plugin <-- get this up and running --> cfricke -

DC Gov Neighborhood assessment KML file   

Zilliow Neighborhood shapefile for DC

^Note, the Zilliow shapefile lumps many neighborhoods into one... this is especially problematic East of the River, where everything is bundled into "Anacostia" -- that's incorrect in a really serious way. Can we use the Gov neighborhood assessment instead? ~gb

Cfricke: In order to read the DC Gov neighborhood file: the LocalWiki KML importer needs to be able to handle different coordinate systems (every one), and the ability to add GIS layers from other websites.

^AlexMandel responds: The KML specification originally only allows EPSG:4326, unless thats changed you should not be using it to move data that's in a different coordinate system. The file metadata you linked is available as a shapefile(or KML - DC Gov Neighborhood assessment), if you use GDAL (ogr2ogr, QGIS, etc) to convert it to KML then the transformation between projection will be done and your KML will be in 4326. I looked at the KML in question, it is in the correct coordinate system. My suggestion, grab the shapefile, extract the parts you want with GDAL, QGIS, Gvsig or another tool, convert to kml. You could do this all in the postgis backend if you want too using SQL.

Flickr Shapefiles  (too messy, too much overlap)

MapBox DC map layers

Pull in other DC maps from DC catalog; ANC/SMD map, Ward map ->

^Question: how can we demonstrate those different layers in the wiki? LocalWiki seems to only allow one mapping layer.

Slumber issues (?)


Batch Import Project

OBJECTIVE: Write a tool that takes a CSV (json,xml,etc) document and automagically creates stem pages for each record in batch

Loader utility - spatial loader and a textual loader. Spatial loader would have to run things through spatial libraries  // what limitations to what gets loaded? C. Fricke recommends to Modularize  importer and build it into the API. 

Open Questions:

(from Envision AdamsMorgan)

If a Google maps layer is imported to LocalWiki, will the API continue to share info back and forth between the two maps - if someone adds a place on Localwiki, will it be added to google maps, and vice versa? Or, after import, do we start using localwiki exclusively and embed that map on other sites?

(from landerspatrick)

In this video demo of Localwiki, at the 1 minute and 20 second mark, they show the ability to adjust the size of a photo by clicking on it and dragging its corners. I am not getting that same behavior on District Commons. So how do you adjust the size of a photo? 

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