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Effects of fighting for autism specific services in this District of Columbia, and fighting the policies of the Disabilities Administration

The Truth About Challenging the Disabilities Administration


I have challenged the Disabilities Administration for years with very little to no real support on their policies of continuing UN-interuppted their status quot, in particular; their misunderstanding and mistreatment of the autistic.

I testified several times , in front of Council member Jim Graham, to the behaviors of the case managers who keep you out of meetings, the closed mindedness of that agency in even considering using natural supports as opposed to using the old 1.1 formula that has made many providers, and direct care staff,l lots of money.

I recall asking current mayor Gray when law 2-137 would be changed to reflect necessary changes for the autistic; creating mandatory services for behavior modification, autism specific speech therapy, and other therapies spelled out by NINDS.

What culminated in my life is the formation of a coalition between DDS,Quality Trust, Front line Services and countless nameless others, to build a largely circumstantial case against me, that effectively ends my ability to advocate for my daughter .

On January 8th 2013, my life was reduced to Case 2010-INT-171. Complaints made by Front line, which were largely second or third hand reports or mostly conjecture, were used as the absolute truth.

Here is what I thought as I thought about the outline of this writing. The entire case my daughter's guardianship was based on, was that she was incapacitated, so much so that she was unable to make her own decisions. August the 27th,when Dr Michelle Ch abbot of Front line Services and Dittu Abraham, with Chidi Uku, declared that I was the cause of my daughter's violent outburst, that my daughter is able to make her own decisions, she with the help of the Mr. Abraham, Mr Uku, Donald Clark of Quality Trust, Jesse Smith of the Disabilities Administration, also made their decision to go for guardianship, shutting me down effectively. Thereby canceling out my ability to remove my daughter from the District to a state that has autism services.

Why does this belong in a Wiki? I believe that a Wiki much like Wikipedia, should not only include the glossy things a state (or in this case), a District, wants you believe are the absolutes.

My case is on record for you to look at, and as you do look at it, ask yourself if the District is running a muck with its unquestioned power, what can we as parents/loved ones and supporters of autistic adults and children do, to ensure our loved ones get the services they will need to function as independently as possible?

How will we make certain services are continuous from cradle to grave for this population? As it stands presently, that is not the case.

Louise Thundercloud


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