Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C (ANC1C) is a body of local government representing the neighborhood of Adams Morgan. It typically meets at 7PM on the first Wednesday of every month at St. Mary's Center, 2355 Ontario Road NW, Washington DC.

Role of Advisory Neighborhood Commission in Local Government

The United States Constitution gives the federal US Congress "exclusive jurisdiction" over the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia Self-Government and Governmental Reorganization Act 1973, devolved some of these powers to a local government composed of an elected mayor and a council, the Council of the District of Columbia, composed of a chairman and twelve council-members.

For the purposes of government, the District of Columbia is divided into 8 geographical areas known as wards. Each of these wards elects one representative to the Council of the District of Columbia. The remaining 5 members of the Council, including the Chairman, are elected by all voters in the District of Columbia. 

The 8 wards are further divided into 37 Advisory Neighborhood Commission districts and 209 Single Member Districts (SMD). ANC1C is located within Ward 1. The roles and responsibilities of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions are specified in Section 1-309.10 of the DC Code.1

Single Member Districts

Each Single Member District is composed of approximately 2,000 voters. Every two years, registered voters within each Single Member District elect a Commissioner to represent their Single Member District on their local Advisory Neighborhood Commission. ANC1C is composed of the following 8 Single Member Districts:

To confirm whether ANC1C represents you, and to identify your Single Member District, enter your address as indicated into this DC government webpage.

Current Commission

The following are members of the current Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C

  • William Simpson (Chair)
  • Elham Dehbozorgi (Vice Chair and Treasurer)
  • Ted Guthrie (Secretary)
  • Gabriela Mossi (Representative to the BID)
  • Brian Hart
  • Martis ("Marty") Davis
  • Wilson Reynolds
  • Jimmy Rock

Past Commissions






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 The District of Columbia uses a database to store the DC Code that does not allow direct hyperlinks. To view the text of this section enter "Section 1-309.10" into the search box on this DC government webpage.

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